Cloud based queue management

Give your visitors peace of mind

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Let your customers shop not stand in a line.

Increase the time visitors spend on shop floor instead of waiting in line.

Manage your sales floor.

Understand how you interact with customers by knowing peak hours, how long does it take to service a client, who is your best clerk and other.

Happy customers.
More sales.

Connect with customers to increase customer satisfaction. Have clients check in by their name and anticipate their purpose of visit.

  • "Qminder helps us to take care of customers in the order they arrived, and gives customers peace of mind from knowing they are in the queue."
    - Verizon Wireless, USA
  • "I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is to have this data and we have already been able to positively impact our business!"
    - Carrier Enterprise, USA
  • "The department director loves the statistics that have been created with the system. We were never able to track how many people we help at the public counter and now we have some good numbers to present to our City Manager."
    - City of West Hollywood, USA
  • "With Qminder smartphone application customers can easily keep track of the queue and use their time as they wish."
    - Tele2 AB, Latvia